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As Trust in employers and CEOs continued to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic, our clients further entrusted us to help them actively address very real societal and environmental challenges, and to place them in a position to fix problems while creating opportunities for profit and growth. We developed additional programs, special Trust reports, and practices. A growing number of clients and brands looked to us to help them develop and communicate purpose campaigns that make a difference locally and globally.

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Building Trust with Our Clients

We believe Trust is the ultimate currency. It explains why we have studied trust and credibility in an annual survey for 22 years. Our annual Global Trust Barometer assesses the trust relationship that business, governments, the media, and NGOs build with their stakeholders.

Trust defines an organization’s license to operate, lead and succeed. It serves as the foundation that enables an organization to take responsible risks and to rebound from them when it makes mistakes. Without trust, credibility is lost and reputation can be threatened.

In 2022, two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trust Barometer found that “my employer” remains the most trusted to do what is right, and workers expect CEOs to speak publicly about controversial societal issues they care about.

This is an even greater expectation of CEOs than before. However, the general population does not believe business is doing enough to address climate change (52%), economic inequality (49%), and workforce reskilling (46%). Our 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer surveyed more than 36,000 respondents in 28 countries.

In FY22, we published six special Trust reports that focused on how trust relates to specific sectors and societal issues – health, racial injustice, geopolitics, climate change, the workplace, and “the New Cascade of Influence.”

Global Ethics & Compliance

Edelman has recognized the critical importance of ethics since Dan Edelman founded our company in 1952 and emphasized the vital nature of professional and personal reputational trust. In FY22, we continued to raise the importance of global ethics and compliance through communications on Edelman Workplace, a revised ethics handbook updated from 2018, yearly Code of Conduct recertification module, and quarterly reports to office leaders about training metrics.

Our employees continue to embrace new ways of working that are inclusive and support our values and culture. Whether it is using mental health champions in various markets to raise awareness of mental health issues or to sign on to important causes, we constantly look at ways to level the playing field and help our employees and clients better navigate the changing landscape.

Edelman has committed actively to combatting the gender pay gap that continues to be an area of focus for countries around the world, with many countries adopting specific legislation to improve transparency about it. Edelman is dedicated to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone is valued and respected. We have robust processes to ensure our approach to pay and reward is based on fairness, and we remain committed to developing a range of policies to address the business issues raised through the gender pay reporting system.

Edelman’s policies, processes and ethical culture support a just supply chain. As a signatory of the U.N. Global Compact, we support internationally accepted principles regarding human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption, including the United Nations Declaration and core ILO conventions. We updated our human rights policy in FY22 to tie in with the Davos anti-corruption initiative.

There always are areas for improvement, and we hope that with a renewed focus on completing mandatory compliance training, we can help build on the culture of open communication on issues important and relevant for sustaining the company and our wider society.

We plan to reinforce the businesses commitment around our foundations of ethics, values and honesty by reviewing how we operate our compliance programs. We will introduce annual recertifications on key topics related to our Code of Conduct. We also will examine ways to strengthen the awareness of our employees, whether through completion of training programs, communications, or initiatives such as working with colleagues locally to serve as Compliance Champions.

Data Privacy & Information Security

To put it simply, good data privacy and information security practices equal good corporate citizenship, and Edelman applies best practices for both our agency operations and for our clients.

Within Edelman, keeping our and our clients’ information confidential and secure will be even more critical as we move increasingly to a hybrid work environment where office space sharing becomes common and remote working is more prevalent.

For our clients, privacy and security also are increasingly vital. Most requests for business we receive ask in-depth questions about our data privacy and security policies and programs. Additionally, in our first-ever client survey in FY21, all respondents said it is important that Edelman addresses data confidentiality and information security. Therefore, we make sure we partner with our clients and get instructions from them to ensure we are on the same page regarding managing and protecting data.

We conduct our business according to Global Privacy Principles for collecting, using, storing, and other processing of personal information and for ensuring this occurs in accordance with applicable laws.

We continually review and update our data privacy and information security practices to align with Information Security Standards ISO 27002/27018/27701 and NIST Common Security Framework to ensure they are current and continue to safeguard personal and business data for our staff, firm, and clients. We continuously improve our approach and our protection capabilities. In the past year we have enhanced our incident response capabilities, refined our ability to identify and protect against attacks in email attachments and hyperlinks, and put technology in place aligned with the Zero Trust model.

Purpose-Driven Case Studies

Edelman Assists Growing Roster of Clients with Purpose-Driven Campaigns

Edelman’s Trust Barometer continues to underscore that consumers favor CEOs, companies and brands that address and act on societal issues. Edelman is helping more clients with purpose-driven campaigns that create a positive impact on a range of environmental, social and governance issues. The following examples from around the world drew strong acceptance, praise – and esteemed awards.

Vaseline: See My Skin
2022 Cannes Lion Gold Award for Sustainable Development Goal: Reduced Inequalities, and Bronze Award winner in Health
Recent research revealed that less than 6% of Americans’ image-based searches show skin conditions on people of color. So, Unilever’s Vaseline® brand set out to do something about the lack of diversity and equity in dermatological imagery. When Black and Hispanic individuals don’t feel seen in search, they are less likely to be seen by a dermatologist. This contributes to 25% higher mortality rates for life-threatening conditions such as skin cancer.
With the brand purpose of Equitable Skincare for All, Vaseline created See My Skin. This first-of-its-kind search platform is the only database that searches conditions based on skin color. Edelman assisted Vaseline in raising awareness of the racially biased systems that impact algorithmic search, providing access to culturally competent dermatologists, and helping Black and Hispanic communities feel seen.
To build the most diverse medical image library, thousands of images of conditions on Black and Brown skin were aggregated and evaluated by certified dermatologists. Vaseline partnered with VisualDx and HUED to develop the See My Skin search platform, which took three years to create. As a result, the campaign created over 3 million equitable skincare experiences for patients and dermatologists, with 48% of visitors who searched taking action and a 1,430% jump in people seeking dermatological care.
UNFPA: Bodyright
A staggering 85% of women worldwide have witnessed online violence and nearly two in five have experienced it. UNFPA – the United Nations agency that advances sexual and reproductive health and rights and ending gender-based violence – highlighted the global problem by launching ⓑodyright, a new “copyright” for the human body. It seeks to give images of women’s bodies the same respect and protection online as copyright gives to intellectual property.
Edelman designed a multiplatform approach to spread the new symbol across all materials and also initiated an interactive social campaign leveraging social tools for online users to demand protections for their bodies and images. The campaign also featured the stories of 11 women from around the world who experienced different forms of digital violence.
We designed a multi-platform approach that leveraged this new symbol across all of the materials to increase education and awareness and drive interest to action. We created an online petition to policymakers and big tech through Global Citizen that launched with an interactive social campaign that leveraged social tools for online users to demand protections for their bodies and images from online exploitation and violence.
Poet and spoken-word artist Rakaya Fetuga delivered a powerful piece on film that generated global coverage and an exclusive in Teen Vogue, targeting a Gen Z audience. The ⓑodyright symbol has received global media recognition and the attention of many celebrity influencers. It has reached two million views and its webpage broke records for UNFPA with 1.7 million views.


Great Britain National Grid: The Green Light Signal
The National Grid, a large Great Britain infrastructure provider, sought to relay how it is evolving the country toward a greener future via renewable energy and its net zero carbon pledge.
Edelman linked National Grid data about the energy being produced and consumed at any given time to smart LED lightbulbs through a software interface. This pushed carbon-intensity data to homes and let people turn their lightbulb into a green light signal from home, letting them know when they can use power without harming the planet. A setting was created to change the bulb’s color to green once zero carbon energy sources kicked in.
The light bulbs were sent to celebrities, influencers, decision-makers and politicians and promoted at the COP26 climate summit. Then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson championed the Green Light Signal with an installation outside 10 Downing Street. The campaign reached 237.8 million people and achieved carbon savings equal to 17.1 million mature trees based on the number of households swapping 50% of energy use for clean and green energy sources.


Dove: #LetHerGrow
For decades, forced haircuts in Thailand schools to discipline students have cut the confidence of children. And despite rule changes two years ago that prohibited such punishments, a Dove study found that forced haircuts were still being used for discipline. In May, Edelman Thailand and Dove launched #LetHerGrow to halt their persistence in schools.
The brand established The Growth Fund, committing $280,400 (USD) over three years to support change, and worked with experts and educators to advocate for change. Through high-impact media, Edelman and Dove generated 120 stories reaching 90 million and set off a wave of social activity within weeks of the campaign’s launch. The team continues to engage with key opinion leaders, host media discussions and collaborate with partners to amplify Dove’s voice.
Kimberly-Clark: Toilets Change Lives
Because half of Brazilians lack access to basic sanitation, Kimberly-Clark’s brand Neve took its Toilets Change Lives program to Brazil. Edelman Brazil helped Kimberly-Clark on several fronts to promote awareness and engagement. We developed a new website, activities with digital influencers, social media content, and educational folders. A crowdfunding platform also was established in which Neve and the public could donate to five partners, such as
As a result, nearly $48,000 (USD) was donated to partners to develop their sanitation projects, and more than 150,000 people accessed the website. Over 60 publications including many top outlets, highlighted the program, reaching more than 34 million people.
Pure Leaf Tea: The “No” Grants
A nationwide survey that PepsiCo’s Pure Leaf Iced Tea commissioned discovered that nearly three-in-four women say they experience negative outcomes when they say “no” at work. And when they do, they risk losing up to $1,406 in future earning potential. In honor of Women’s History Month, the iced tea brand launched a “No” grants program that financially enables 100 women in 2022 to say no at work without repercussions.
Edelman built the unique econometric study that determined the financial cost women face. We also leveraged earned media during the grants program to inspire women to apply for a grant. We teamed up with The SeekHer Foundation, a women’s mental health nonprofit, and enlisted Olympian sprinter Allyson Felix to bring the story behind the grants to life with a personal “no” narrative. Pure Leaf has also committed $1 million over the next three years to support organizations and initiatives that support women who want to say “no”.
The campaign generated 8.1 billion media impressions, lifted top-of-mind awareness of Pure Leaf by 10%, and the number of people who rank Pure Leaf as their first choice in iced teas grew by 38% in the first quarter of 2022 versus a year earlier.


Janssen: Time Keeper
People with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, are usually over 60 years old and, for them, time becomes more precious as they spend weeks awaiting treatment and test results. Janssen developed a free and unique health-care technology, an app called Time Keeper, that encourages people to try novel things – from origami to beatboxing – to help them feel as if time is moving more slowly.
In partnership with patients and a leading hematologist, Edelman developed a series of films, discussion guides and information assets to help patients talk to their healthcare practitioners about focusing on the most time-intensive aspects of living with the cancer, such as treatment. Launched during Blood Cancer Awareness Month, the film and thought leadership materials communicated the campaign, and the app was made available across EMEA in English and Apple app stores. The app is being translated into local languages for key markets.
Time Keeper raised awareness of multiple myeloma across EMEA and Janssen’s innovative treatments and services for it. The campaign reached nearly 2.7 million unique users and an 81% app download with 70% of users saying they enjoyed the experience.


City of Chicago: Un [ ] spoken
Forty percent of Chicagoans consider mental health among the city’s greatest challenges, mirroring national data about the need for mental health services during COVID-19. Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot tripled the city’s mental health budget since taking office and in August 2021 began a citywide campaign, called Un [ ] spoken, to encourage residents to help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and connect with the city’s mental health services.
Edelman developed the campaign’s website that includes a resource finder, promotion strategies and testimonials of Chicagoans relating their mental health struggles and recovery. We secured high-profile national and local news coverage and promoted the campaign across social media channels. The City continues to promote the campaign, and its website has seen a 39% conversion rate of visitors acting and finding resources to support their mental health.


Sime Darby Oils: #GetMoving Challenge
Sime Darby Oils wanted to immerse its 2,500 global employees – and the communities on four continents where they work – in the company’s “Culture of Care” philosophy, so Edelman Malaysia designed an employee engagement game called #GetMoving Challenge.
Now in its second edition, the program saw all offices participate in a virtual relay torch covering roughly 40,000 kilometers within 30 days. The initiative helps preserve employees’ mental and physical well-being and also helps pledge support and deliver a social impact for the NGO of their choice.
The #GetMoving Challenge was the 2022 Public Relations and Communications Association’s Gold Standard Award winner for corporate citizenship-community relations and employee engagement. The second edition, #BecauseWeCare, seeks to raise awareness of sustainable forest parks in several countries.